A fine example for love, freedom, peace and harmony all rolled in to one!

This will be an emotional ride for those who know what love, freedom, peace and harmony is all about. This video will highlight how peaceful an anti lockdown protest march is when there are no police involved in the walk.

While the video camera also walks among the peaceful crowd of people, it highlights what people are prepared to fight for…!

Red Flag or Red Herring! The only thought provoking potential for a problem I myself observed along the march route from London’s Hyde Park and back again, was what appeared to be a strategically parked Transport for London Double Decker RED BUS which also included a strategically commissioned statement advertised upon it!

Many believed the big red bus was parked there for a reason, the reason only the people who commissioned it to be there would be best to say why they commissioned it to park across the road the way it was.

My first thought was perhaps Sadiq Khan had a hand to play in it!

Recorded 24 April 2021