A Snapshot Take With David Icke – (This is the video YouTube Banned!)

David Icke had just finished his live presentation with a large crowd of people gathered in Victoria Square, Birmingham on 31 October 2020

David’s presentation went down a storm followed by a great cheer and applause. I then followed David from the platform to the side of Victoria Square and recorded a short interaction, one I deem a very interesting explanation for why he is now travelling up and down the country with information people should hear.

BANAMAN’s YouTube Channel received a strike from YouTube regarding the video upload, YouTube deemed Davids words as HATE SPEECH!

The day started out wet before the sun come out and the protest was underway.

The day included random interviews and a good selection of speakers before setting off on a random march through Birmingham City Centre.

Police interaction was excellent and if you could not attend Birmingham on 31 October 2020, here is what you missed…

Video Recorded by BANAMAN – 31 October 2020