A Great Opportunity for Greater Manchester Police to Demonstrate Operational Standards

Police forces up and down the country have a duty of care and professionalism towards all members of the public. Unfortunately this video identifies that modern day policing in the UK, is something every police force in the UK should think about!

From my own observations and interactions, I did encounter some good police interactions.

I came away from this with the following conclusions; One bad encounter with two GMP Greater Manchester Police officers (TAU) who resorted to pushing and verbally communicating insults towards members of the public, and one excellent professional encounter from Tango Gloves who was part of the same Tactical Aid Unit (TAU) deployed.

I encountered multiple good encounters with police officers in high vis jackets who chose to handle their own interaction opportunities in their own way I deemed more professional, but still leaving some encounters for further thoughts to reflect upon.

As controversial as my video reporting style might be, I believe I also present as fair opportunity to allow police officers in challenging situations to respond professionally.

Live training exercises are something the police have to endure and although mistakes and bad interactions can take place, I believe there is no excuse for not thinking before a professional person acts! This video can serve as both entertainment, education and concern.

Touching upon the word concern more worryingly, is the amount of hate towards the police by reading the Youtube comments in the video above that seem to be created from the way the police act upon the people they are deemed to protect. Words for thought…!

I conclude from the day, the police waited for the numbers to deplete before moving in on Piccadilly Gardens to clear it. If police officers are cooped up in vans for any length of time, this only serves to create hate towards the operation they are waiting to deal with. I deem this a contributing factor to anybodies frustration never mind a police officer waiting to conclude their tasks in hand.

This video highlights Professional Police Attitudes or lack of while part 2 of this film will focus more on the crowd and their activity through the day.

Challenging circumstances with people like myself, should be a walk in the park for a fully trained police officer in any part of the UK!

My advice for any professional service provider to the public, I firmly believe the service provider should exercise a pause for thought before responding either physically or verbally, and this is not directed just at police forces, also applicable to councils and any public service sector corporation!

I have been informed about my unique way of interacting with professionals, that it is a fair way for the creation of opportunities to ideally and hopefully learn from, for it is encounters like these that help train the mind how best to deal with something, if ever they encounter it again…