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Man Arrests Police Officer In Hyde Park Before Police Officers Intervene!

A man in London’s Hyde Park arrested a police officer then seconds later, his colleagues intervened to make the de-arrest of their colleague! Deemed one of the most controversial acts a citizen enacted upon a police officer, he controversially performed a citizens arrest on a serving British police officer! Recorded 24 April 2021 Some people […]


Homeless in Sheffield 2021

One man in Sheffield, shares a small part of his life and concerns for others… While out in Sheffield covering a different story while the UK is in a Tier 4 lockdown, I meet a man wanting to share part of his life that most people take for granted. When Sheffield open their doors again […]


Tier 3 Peaceful Gathering and Face Mask Concerns. How Often do you Change Your Face Mask!

Background Surgical masks (SMs) are used to reduce bacterial shedding from the mouth, nose and face. This study aimed to investigate whether SMs may be a potential source of bacterial shedding leading to an increased risk of surgical site infection. Methods Bacterial contamination of the SMs was tested by making an impression of the external surface of the mask on sterile culture media […]


Wise Words and Wisdom From Centenary Square Bradford

Sunday 20 December 2020, a small peaceful gathering took place in Centenary Square Bradford, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his UK Government realise their mishandling of recent lockdowns imposed on the nation. Two men speak briefly to camera regarding some of their experiences during the national UK lockdowns in 2020. (BANAMAN ARCHIVE FOOTAGE INCLUDED) […]