The Nuremberg code 1947

Covid 19 Censored Video. The Nuremberg Code.

An important video that seems to be getting censored across all social media platforms.
The truth about the PCR test.
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The TRUTH about the PCR test!

Watch Kary Mullis as the Nobel prize winner who invented the PCR test. Listen to what he has to say about it. Although so called Fact Checkers have a lot to say about the effectiveness of the PCR test, just watch this short video and then…
Bill Gates Banned Video
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Bill Gates BANNED Video

This video around Bill Gates has been banned off almost all social media platforms. Watch it here. If you can't view the video get the Brave Browser and it will work fine.
Covid Vax Information film

Everything you need to know about the JAB but are NOT told!

If YOU or someone you know is thinking of taking this experimental Covaids jab, please watch this first. Once you take it YOU CAN NEVER GET IT OUT! If you can't see the video install the Brave Browser. It's a great private internet brow…
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Mark Steele Talking About 5G and the COVID-19 Vaccinations!

Banned on YouTube due to the information not following mainstream media narrative! Mark Steele is a well known campaigner against 5G from the UK. In this video, he shares his research in brief regarding the new 5G networks and how he believes…

A fine example for love, freedom, peace and harmony all rolled in to one!

This will be an emotional ride for those who know what love, freedom, peace and harmony is all about. This video will highlight how peaceful an anti lockdown protest march is when there are no police involved in the walk. While the video…
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Man Arrests Police Officer In Hyde Park Before Police Officers Intervene!

A man in London's Hyde Park arrested a police officer then seconds later, his colleagues intervened to make the de-arrest of their colleague! Deemed one of the most controversial acts a citizen enacted upon a police officer, he controversially…
GAZ Walled In interviews Amy from Stand Up X

Gaz chats to Amy. A woman that is fighting for all of our freedoms!

So who is Amy and why was I so keen to live interview her on my DLive show? Watch the video to find out. Can't see the video? Get the Brave Browser! Click here.
SPARS 2025 2028
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A MUST WATCH! Spars 2025-2028.

Watch Alex Jones show what's planned with this Plandemic! An amazing video. You won't believe what you are actually seeing!
Jeff Wyatt DLive Interview
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Gaz Interviews Jeff Wyatt.

Great to chat with Jeff Wyatt on the DLive stream. Full Jeff Wyatt interview/Chat! Be sure to follow Gaz on DLive to keep up to date with the latest Tyranny News and Interviews! Follow Gaz and his guests on his DLive channel, DLiveTV Gaz…