Zeitgeist Addendum (Full)
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Zeitgeist Addendum (Full Part 3) 2007

The third Movie in the Zeitgeist series. Well worth watching to see how things have or have not changed since 2007. Will humanity survive at the pace we are living today or will we see a huge depopulation?
Zeitgeist The Movie. Moving Forward
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Zeitgeist The Movie. Moving Forward (Full Part 2) 2007

The second Movie in the Zeitgeist series made in 2007. Well worth watching and then comparing on what we are all going through today.
Zeitgeist The Movie
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Zeitgeist The Movie (Full) 2007

One of the most interesting and thought provoking videos I've seen. I first watched this series of Zeistgeist Movies in 2007. Well worth a watch in 2021 with everything we are seeing now.

9/11 Was it an inside job?

Hi I'm Kev from Walled in Media, I believe that 9/11 was an inside job. The proof of this is in the "controlled demolition" of tower number 7. I've attached a copy of the video taken from someones mobile that shows the building collapsing in…