Homeless in Sheffield 2021

One man in Sheffield, shares a small part of his life and concerns for others…

While out in Sheffield covering a different story while the UK is in a Tier 4 lockdown, I meet a man wanting to share part of his life that most people take for granted.

When Sheffield open their doors again to the public, I will return to Sheffield City Council with an aim to bring back the most up to date information available for the homeless people of Sheffield.

“I lost 10 friends last year being homeless”

Charities and campaigners along with experts are still struggling to work out how to make homelessness in the UK, a thing of the past.

You would think by 2021, and another new year for the homeless people in the UK who are still waiting to have that better life for themselves, homelessness would have been eradicated by now!

While many people may think that, maybe it’s time for change, not just change for the homeless, but change for a new government, a government that does not talk about laws of the jungle, or new world order’s!

Perhaps then and only then, with people see a real change for things to come!

Recorded outside Sheffield Town Hall – 16 January 2021.