Is the Coronavirus Act 2020 illegal?

The Coronavirus act is illegal, as stated by a former a supreme court judge Jonathan Sumption. The government DO NOT have the power to quarantine or lockdown healthy people! They have allegedly knowingly rolled out this Act under the public health act to avoid parliamentary scrutiny and therefore a vote. This in effect is treasonous and an abuse of power. Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, & Cummings should allegedly all be tried in court for treason and malfeasance. See the video below and make your own mind up, what do you think?
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  1. Wendy Ruth
    Wendy Ruth says:

    An astonishing abuse of power.
    Seems to me quite deliberate.
    All in the master plan which can plainly be seen as it unfolds before your eyes, faster by the day.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Hi Wendy, yes I totally agree with you. For your information I have received a 7 day ban on YouTube for the video I have just posted on This website. I will be far more active with this site from now on. Talk soon xxx

  3. Kevin Dowling
    Kevin Dowling says:

    Old flu is as dead as a Monty pythons blue parrot, it has deceased, shuffled off the mortal coil.
    Strangely enough there are no excess deaths despite there being a global pandemic (how does that work?). If there was a global pandemic there would surely be excess deaths, otherwise there cant be a a global pandemic. So I’m going to put 2 + 2 together and say that seasonal flu has been recategorised as the Kung Flu. No doubt the BBC will say that anyone who thinks that the seasonal flu hasnt been eradicated is a conspiracy theorist. You couldnt make this up. I wonder what the next lorryload of bullshit to roll off the Kungflu playbook is going to be?

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