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London’s Met Police Deemed Wasting Time, Resources and Energy for a Failed Political Point!

When people come together in peace and harmony, can there ever be peace and harmony when the police turn up!

The day was 28 November 2020 when London’s Metropolitan Police rock up to a peaceful gathering, there could only ever be one way this could go… it turned out to be South!

The day was set, the people where converging on London while the Met Police had other ideas!

Reports where coming in fast, the police where not only turning people back towards the trains as they arrived at Kings Cross Railway Station, they were also intercepting coaches and demanding names and addresses before advising them to turn around and go back home due to police alleging they where all in breach of current Covid Regulations!

I believe London Met Police had one goal, to turn as many people away from London as possible. The Police did indeed manage to do just that but in doing so, they also managed to alienate themselves further from society as the people where denied their rights to freedom!

British policing does not appear to be creating any decent public support in recent time. In fact, I hear many more people stating how much they now hate the police and to put in my own terms,  allowing themselves to become the political pawns for Boris Johnson and his government!

Many people may wonder what the police manage to achieve on 28 November 2020!

I don’t think the police managed to achieve much apart from putting themselves in the spotlight for public scrutiny, when support for British policing already appears to be on a rapid decline heading for disaster!

Do police officers have any free thinking within themselves, or are they just following orders due to the thought processes for no longer seeming able to think for themselves!

I sometimes wonder what it is like for police officers to be sat on their bus all day long. I did over hear a couple of police officers stating they didn’t like waiting and waiting and waiting for something to happen before they are allowed out of their bus!

No wonder some of the police officers appear angry like wolves, for they blame the people to the reason being cooped up on their buses all day, while never once appearing to question why people have their reasons for standing up against tyranny!

My question to British police officers is this…

If the New World Order finally gets its claws into the new normal, then who is going to protect you when your services are no longer required by the UK Government? The answer will be the same as it is now for the people of this country, no body!

When you look at how many police officers there was and how many people there was, on reflection it was easy to conclude that the police basically wasted their time, resources and energy, and did not even scratch the surface when it came to making their political policing point!

That is deemed my observation, what about yours…!