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Mark Steele Talking About 5G and the COVID-19 Vaccinations!

Banned on YouTube due to the information not following mainstream media narrative!

Mark Steele is a well known campaigner against 5G from the UK. In this video, he shares his research in brief regarding the new 5G networks and how he believes the new COVID-19 vaccines are part of a sinister UK government agenda.

COVID-19 vaccinations are still in the trial period which is due to end in 2023. The vaccinations have been temporarily introduced under emergency powers!

Why was the vaccine given temporary authorisation?

Usually, the UK would wait for the European Medicines Agency to approve a vaccine before looking to distribute it, but in an emergency EU countries are allowed to use their own regulator to issue temporary authorisation. In October the government made changes to the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 to allow the MHRA to grant temporary authorisation of a covid-19 vaccine without needing to wait for the EMA.

Click this link to the British Medical Journal for reference; Link still active when this story was published 15 May 2021

Recorded in London’s Hyde Park at the national anti lockdown rally which took place 24 April 2021