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Morrisons v Tesco – challenging a man with a cam will always be a challenge!

As controversial as this video has become, I decided after some message interactions on YouTube with viewers and subscribers, it would be easier for everybody including myself, to change the title and pin a new post with more explanation for those who may need a little extra help with context…

The video is about customer service and management skill capabilities between Morrisons & Tesco.

The wearing of a mask highlighted in the video being worn by myself, served as an experiment to see how people may feel… I felt like I could not think and act as clearly as I normally would and it made me anxious as well as out of puff. Conclusion, mask wearing does not help me one bit and only serves to suppress my air intake as well as create physiological thought processes I would never have had in the same situation without wearing the mask. The people in this video are a true representation of the people who mainstream media and the UK Government choose to ignore!

I felt obliged to add the following information; ** UPDATE Friday 11 December 2020 Changed the name of the title to reflect the controversial opinions regarding this video from; Mask-less Shopping in Morrisons at Hillsborough and replaced with Mask-less Shopping in Morrisons at Hillsborough with people who always shop this way… READ INFO!

The face mask I was wearing was tactical for the purpose of not worrying those people around me who believe face nappies will protect them from the virus!

Wearing the mask also allowed myself to experience what it is like working in a mask, it’s not easy…!

I always knew it would be a matter of time before Morrisons management and security would be called!

This video also creates an opportunity for professionals to do what they are trained to do, how they perform is their own action based on a real situation regarding a man with a camera filming in the public space on private property deemed a shop open for public access.

As challenging as this would be for any professional in this situation, there may be something that all can learn from this video, including myself.

In a previous video below and in similar circumstances, this video will show how the management at TESCO dealt with the man with the camera filming.

I draw my conclusion based on both experiences that MORRISONS management performed better than TESCO management.

It’s now time to buy more beans…