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Police Camera THEFT Not Action!

When a Police Officer can not get the date right, how are people going to take the officer seriously!

The day was 14 November 2020 and I was just settling in to do a bit of journalism surrounding the people who mainstream media have chosen to ignore. Suddenly, the journalism police decided to get involved, namely a few Liverpudlian Police Officers/Constables…!

I am not sure why constables are also known as officers, they do indeed have two title descriptions and I don’t think they even know why themselves!

I believe some police officers/constables have no real care for actually performing a little bit of critical thinking before acting!

As controversial as my belief may be, I do notice irrational thinking by a couple of these officers performing their office as officers not constables! One officer has been identified for not even knowing what day he is living on as the video will highlight!

I received all my equipment back 2 days after the police took it and I am very surprised that all the video and audio content seems to be all there, including two extra audio recordings that the police managed to record of themselves as they fumbled around taking my equipment back to their police van, and managing to press record and stop on two occasions.

Thank you Merseyside Police for the extra audio footage, your voices are clear and your words are enlightening!

I am now left with no choice but to seek reimbursement for the extra cost’s imposed on myself by Merseyside Police…