Possibly the first arrest in Sheffield under new Coronavirus Regulations implemented 5 November 2020

The day was 7 November 2020, a group of people observed by South Yorkshire Police where speaking out against their government. It did not take long before South Yorkshire Police moved in to ask questions why she was outside City Hall in Sheffield.

After the lady moved away from City Hall, South Yorkshire Police followed people to a different location called the Peace Gardens before making a bee line for this lady.

Their reason, issue a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) before arresting her for what is now deemed the first Sheffield arrest under latest Coronavirus Regulations implemented 5 November 2020.

Up and down the country and throughout history, people have always made a stand against Tyranny, for Tyranny is now perceived by many to have been bestowed upon the people of not only this country, but also countries around the world.

Currently, Sheffield is most but not yet all shut down by the new Coronavirus Regulations implemented by Boris Johnson and the UK government that came into force on 5 November 2020… People have had enough!

*ARREST UPDATE… I have received information stating appeared in court Monday 9 November 2020 then released with court adjournment until 9 February 2020.

Video Recorded – 7 November 2020