Manchester Students defy local authorities in the Tier 4 lockdown imposed by Boris Johnson and his UK Government

To be or not to be, was a planned New Years Eve peaceful gathering in Manchester scheduled to take place on a cold winters eve 31 December 2020, during the new Tier 4 lockdown by Boris Johnson and his UK Government.

Travelling from Sheffield, a Tier 3 South Yorkshire location to Manchester, a Tier 4 location is not breaking any rules or laws and is in compliance with both current legislation and rules as set by UK Government at this time period. If you can’t work from home, then it would be reasonable to conclude, a person in these circumstances would need to travel to this location in order to fulfil their task!

Although the peaceful gathering did not materialise as planned, in defiance to Boris Johnson and his government, Manchester students declared the area their for a New Year celebration while police watched on before leaving them to it…