Vaccination trial Periods!

How can you be confident the next decision you make will be the right one!

Pro Vaccination or not, if a Doctor with a PHD in Molecular Biology has legitimate concerns for a new vaccine, and based on the information available at this time, the said new vaccine trials have only been completed in a few months, many people would accept a doctors decision not to receive a vaccination at this time, is reasonable!

Time periods for the research and development for new vaccines;

2-5 years Discovery Research – Up to 100 potential vaccines

2 years Pre-Clinical – 20 potential vaccines

1-2 years Clinical Development Phase 1;  for 10 potential vaccines – Is it safe?

2-3 years Clinical DevelopmentPhase 2; for 5 potential vaccines – Does it activate an immune response?

2-4 years Clinical DevelopmentPhase 3; 1 potential vaccine – Does it protect against the disease?

1-2 years Regulatory Revue and Approval for 1 vaccine 

If after all these stages of vaccine development have been completed satisfactorily, then manufacturing will already be on its way following phase 2 for clinical trials to develop the thousands of doses needed for phase 3 of the trials.

If a Dr has a concern, how can you be confident that the next decision you make is the right one!

For more information, this video will include the Dr with legitimate concerns…