Wise Words and Wisdom From Centenary Square Bradford

Sunday 20 December 2020, a small peaceful gathering took place in Centenary Square Bradford, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his UK Government realise their mishandling of recent lockdowns imposed on the nation.

Two men speak briefly to camera regarding some of their experiences during the national UK lockdowns in 2020.

(BANAMAN ARCHIVE FOOTAGE INCLUDED) Also includes a brief update regarding the man reported to have died at a peaceful protest in Sheffield that took place on 5 September 2020 who luckily was brought back to life by South Yorkshire Police performing CPR.

Now I myself, I am currently on standby for the next round of actions by the people of United Kingdom deemed imminent to start in what will controversially no longer will be deemed by many, as the start for what is traditionally known as the Happy New Year!

While the Tyrannical New Year is on the minds of many, my camera batteries are on charge!

It has come to my mind, that all the people getting tested are mainly all the people who are complying with the mainstream media and government narrative.

If people choose to make a stand against this narrative for reasons they believe they are sceptical about, then surely when analysed with a little bit of critical thinking, it would be easy to conclude that the masks do not appear to be as effective as they are expected to be!

The reason why I say this is based on the following fact; It is deemed the people who wear face masks who are following mainstream media and government guideline narratives who are the ones going for the swab tests, therefore the ones making the high figures in tested positive cases for Coronavirus or even COVID-19 the symptom of Coronavirus!

Coronavirus is deemed similar to affect people with underlaying health issues in very much the same way seasonal influenza does! The focus is all about COVID-19, face masks, social distancing and washing hands as well as a few other factors.

Can you can’t blanket blame the people not wearing masks without evidence to prove it’s the non mask wearers who are spreading the virus is my first thought!

After thinking about this, I would say at least 95% of the NON mask wearers if not more, are the ones who are not contributing to the massive figures published by mainstream media and government claiming as high as they are!

If the swab testing has to be taken from the back of the throat and not from the Slava in the mouth, then this itself could easily suggest the virus can not be detected via a tongue or cheek swab! Furthermore, could suggest the virus can’t be transmitted in the tiny droplets coughed or sneezed out or maybe mouth swabs would have been deemed more comfortable, easier and less invasive, instead of being probed at the top of the naval cavity, which itself can cause complications!

Therefore based on logic whether a microbiologist or not, would it not be reasonable to conclude that the mask wearers getting tested are the ones contributing to the high figures published by mainstream media and the government officials, to be the ones who wear masks which in turn suggest those who wear masks, does not provide as much help as the mainstream media and government narrative claim it does!

Not forgetting, in previous times before COVID-19, people have been dying from seasonal who have also had underlaying health conditions!

Lets also not forget, the NHS are forced by government to now be neglecting people who also need treatment for their own life threatening health conditions not related to COVID-19 such as Cancer to name one!

I do believe the mainstream narrative and government should be held to account while at the same time, should have offered more clarity as 2020 draws to a close.

There are many an unanswered question that will come out in the wash as they say, just like they did in the Nuremberg Trials!

I do believe people should stop blindly believing what the mainstream media and UK government are stating, as a lot of it is already starting to show cracks in their mishandling of the whole controversial situation.

Yes, I agree there is a virus just like every other year, a new strain of the virus as history has shown happens every year!

In the video, you will notice the hazmat suit the ambulance driver put on for which I believed was bizarre at the time due to the fact, I do not see any hazmat wearing ambulance staff up and down the UK wearing them now!

Straight out of a Hollywood movie scene and noticing the hazmat suit had a tear behind the left knee which also makes a mockery of it’s intentional use!

That hazmat suit in this video is deemed a bio hazard in the context it was used for due to the tear behind the left knee! This could easily suggest the hazmat suit has been worn more than once and also deemed a bio hazard to any other patient and themselves!

Many people are now aware, Boris Johnson and his government just announced the latest lockdown plans with the new Tier 4 plans announced recently. These new plans are going down like a lead balloon amongst many people in the UK!

2021 is deemed to be a whole new ball game for both UK government and the people. In the meantime, make the most of the Christmas and New Year period to be the best you can, for it is deemed the last Christmas before world anarchy starts to unfold…!

Mainstream Media Journalism is deemed no longer fit for purpose…! With this in mind, the only option is Independent NON Mainstream Media Journalism from the people, for the people!

Locations up and down the country in 2021 are deemed to be more prevalent which will become the new stomping grounds for a new line of protest. When people have had enough, people in history have proven when the going gets tough, the tough get going! 2021, the people will continue to gather and as more people become wiser, they too will become empowered to join the masses who are now slowly awakening!

Without independent journalism free from mainstream media networks, the people will further be suppressed! As an independent Media Journalist uploading content to Social Media, myself along with many other people up and down the country, help to bring news of the people to the rest of the people who for one reason or another, they themselves can not attend a peaceful gathering.

Many people from all backgrounds and walks of life are seeking answers to questions both mainstream media and UK Government are not willing to answer!

Many will agree that Tyranny is now upon us, and when mainstream media will not cover the current climate, then people like myself are left with a moral duty to fill the void, mainstream media either ignore, or misrepresent!

2021 is deemed the Tyrannical New Year…!